How to Setup a Project

  1. Login to your ConcourseSuite site.
  2. Click on the Projects tab.
  3. The Dashboard view appears.
    • Note: It is the default view, but you can always get to it by clicking on Dashboard.
  4. Click on List to view all projects.
  5. Click Search to quickly find a specific project.
  6. Click on Invitations to see if you have been asked to join a project.
  7. Click on Add to create a new project.
  8. Create the Project Title.
  9. Create a Short Description.
  10. Select a Start Date.
  11. Select Status of the project, in this case it is approved.
    • Note: Approved means that it is an active project and "Closed" means that the project is finished.
  12. Select Save to continue creating the project or Cancel to return to the dashboard.
  13. Select Team to begin building the foundation of this project.
  14. Sellect Modify Team
  15. Select Add a User From.
  16. Select a Department.
  17. Select a Contact.
  18. Repeat until the Team Members list is completed.
  19. Select Update Team to make all changes or Cancel Changes to return to the unchanged team view.
  20. Once Update Team is selected, the names are added to the list in the main team window.
  21. Once a member is added you can change their role in the project using the drop down menu.
  22. Select Setup to configure permissions for the team.
  23. Select Customize Project.
  24. Select the check box which will allow you to enable or to hide tabs for this project.
  25. To change the tab's name, enter the name in the Label column next to corresponding tab.
  26. Select update to finalize any changes or Cancel to return to the main setup view.
  27. Once you return to the Setup tab, select Configure Permissions.
  28. A list of permissions appear, use the drop down menu to assign the role of your choice access to specific functionalities within this project.
  29. Select Update to finalize any changes or Cancel to return to the main Setup view.