Concursive ConcourseSuite CRM Help - Marekting Module - How-to Add A Campaign

How to Add a Campaign

  1. Access ConcourseSuite.
  2. Click on the "Marketing" tab.
  3. Select the Campaign Builder sub-tab.
  4. "Campaign Name" is required. Some people choose a few letters and a date for the name with details in the description area.
  5. "Type" must also be completed.  Broadcast is another word for Text Messenging.  You may only choose one type here, but you can add another component later.
  6. If you want a record of the budgeted amount for this campaign enter it.  Do not use the $ sign.  Select Save to continue building this campaign, or "Cancel" to return to the dashboard view.
  7. After selecting Save, the campaign details view appears.


  1. Proceed to the Check List.  Select Target Lists. Select New to
  2. Select the check box(s) of the groups you would like to include.
  3. Select "Update Campaign groups" or "Cancel" to return to the unchanged campaign details view.
  4. Select Choose Message
  5. Select the Message by using the drop-down menu.
  6. Select "Update Campaign Message" or "Cancel" to return to the unchanged campaign details view.
  7. Select "Choose Optional Attachments"
  8. Select "Change Survey" to add a survey
  9. Select the "Survey" from the drop-down menu.
  10. Select "Save Changes" or "Back to Attachment Overview" to add another attachment
  11. The survey will appear in the attachment overview
  12. Select "Choose Options"
  13. Select the "Run Date" from the calendar icon to the right or enter it in manually
  14. Select the "Delivery Method"
  15. Select "Update Campaign Schedule" to save this information or "Cancel" to return to an unchanged campaign details view
  16. Select "Click to Activate"
  17. Once you activate it, it will appear in the dashboard view.
  18. There are five options available: "View Details," "Restart Campaign," "Delete," "Export to Excel," and "Cancel."